Brief on Services (What & Why?)
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Project Management

Typically Project Manager’s spend over 60% of their time on administrative tasks and about 30% on clerical tasks. They are left with almost no time to think about innovation and advanced techniques!

Project Management requires a wide range of knowledge and skills.


a) cost and schedule overruns commonly exceeds 20%

b) claims litigation cost commonly exceeds 10%

c) dismentling & rework is between 3% to 5%

Depending upon the Client requirements, we provide customised PMC services in two modes :

a) Project Management Oversight Consulting (PMOC). PMOC services are provided by senior staff as a guide to serves as an extension of your staff.

b) Full active service PMC. In addition to the PMOC services, we appoint our technical supervisory staff for day to day working and take full single point responsibility of the project.

"Value Engineering" is an integral part of our PMC services. We ensure that you get the best value for money spent on engineering by doing the right preparation (Architectural and preliminary design). We try to :

a) Add more functionality at little to no extra cost.

b) Reduces the cost of a project without sacrificing any functions.

Value engineering methods can often result in 5- 15% less resource requirements.


Design & Engineering

Proper desing & engineering of the project :

a) Saves Money.

b) Saves Time.

c) Gives you "Peace of Mind" with lot of additional benefits.


Forensic & Specialist Services

Using our wealth of skills and knowledge we offer utterly impartial services.


List of Services

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