Brief on Specific Services of Claims Management for Contractors
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Management of Claims is also called Change management / Variation Order Management.

In today's competitive world the only way a Contractor, make money, is by variation orders.

Contractor is always under pressure to keep his team and equipments occupied as the idling cost is much more than working at a lower cost. Thus, by his own circumstances, he is forced to quote lower than scientifically & logically calculated rates and in the process he compromise on the overhead costs.

To compensate for low rates, a contractor always aims to complete the work in least possible time so that he saves by way of shortening the project time.

Thus, "a change" is never in favour of the contractor. BUT .... changes in a construction project are inevitable.

A change can occur at any stage of a construction project. There are many reasons for changes in a construction projects, but are primarily due to three causes:

  1. Design errors and omissions,

  2. Change in field conditions or

  3. Owner initiated changes.

For a Contractor Claims Management should always be a "work in progress".

In our opinion, any time is the right time to manage claims and variation orders.

Need for a third party:

Indian construction market is unique and has typical characters. One of them being that, whenever the Client representative is in trouble because of the possible change orders they start giving " दुहाई" of good relationship.

For the sake of maintaining good relationship with Client's site team, contractor's site staff is unable to write strong contractual letters or file claims properly. Most of the time, the site team is threatened that they can not complete the project without co-operation from them. Sometime, even the Contractor's management is subtly communicated that the company will be blacklisted.

Appointing and authorizing a third party will help the contractor to file claims timely and effectively, since the site team is not filing the claims.

What we bring to you:

  1. Reducing un-necessary processes/ activities under the garb of contractual condition / requirements.

  2. Interpreting contractual clauses for the contractor's benefit.

  3. Market intelligence to file claims.

  4. To speed up and streamline the change order process.

  5. Submit the change proposal in a timely and complete manner.

  6. To file claims which are contractually / legally acceptable.

  7. Advise in maintaining adequate documentation and record keeping for the entire change order process.

  8. Ensure that the owner is be able to establish the cost of change orders and validate the contractor’s price.


Our aim is continuous improvement & innovation in Claim's management.

List of Services

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